The World of "Second Parties"

               by Helen Chen    

​In Chinese colloquial saying, a "second party" refers to the passive role in one relationship. While the "first party" gets all he/she wants and makes arbitrary orders, the "second party" has no choice but to tolerate and obey.


I bet you've heard about the harshness of Chinese education. The students in China are like "second parties", being tortured by school, the "first party", and having endless homework and exams. But recalling my experience in Chinese public schools before I came to EHS, my life was a lot more than the biterness of hard work and difficult math problems. We, Chinese students, strive to have our own wonderful world and we shine in our own special ways despite of the struggles and pressure in our academic life.


I truly wish to share with you this spirit of Chinese students and about how the life of a student really is in Chinese competitive system of education, so I decided to create this manga series --The World of Second Parties-- ​basing on my real life experience back in China. Welcome to this world and I hope you would enjoy.